Few managers dispute the fact that a quality uniform is the number one way to protect employees from heavy soil, grease and grime, or to present a crisp, clean, dignified image to customers. Well-maintained uniforms can help improve morale, self image, performance and customer service.

At Alsco, we offer a range of hospitality, pharmaceutical, food processing and industrial garments that combine style and comfort with durability and safety to ensure your staff look and feel their best, every day..

Food & Beverage Garments

Smart and hygienic hospitality and catering workwear – delivered to your establishment like clockwork. Available in modern and comfortable styles.

Keep your people proud and your reputation stellar with Alsco’s rented catering workwear service.

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Pharmaceutical Garments

Ultra-modern. Ultra-hygienic. Alsco offer a variety of smart, minimal and stain & sanitary garments. Because when your people are the first line against contamination, it pays to choose quality.

And with the Alsco managed rental service, you’ll always have fresh, smart, hygienic uniforms at your business’s doorstep – every day of the week.

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Food Processing Garments

Tough. Minimal. Hygienic. Alsco offers a variety of comfortable, sanitary workwear for the food industry, keeping your people smart and clean.

Because when your people are the first line against bacteria and contamination, it pays to choose quality.

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Industrial Garments

Heavy-duty. Durable. Safe. Alsco offer a wide range of long-lasting, high-performance industrial workwear that’ll protect your people for longer. Because nothing is more important than the health of your employees.

When your business is of a physical nature, your staff’s uniforms aren’t just uniforms. They’re what distinguishes a happy, safe workspace with a hazardous, accident-prone one.

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