Custom Design Mats


First impressions count! With Alsco’s custom artwork mats, you’ll get off on the right foot with your business’s visitors.

Custom Logo & Welcome Mats

Your entrance mats are the first and last thing your visitors see. By branding yours with a custom logo, you’ll strengthen your business’s image in their minds.

It’s a smart, cost-effective way to brighten your reception area and impress your customers.

High-grip, dirt-absorbing, they’ll also make sure your workplace is cleaner and safer – no matter the foot traffic.

Create your own designs

Alsco Corporate Image Mat

TMS Inside #1 002

Safety & Message Mats

Accidents in your workplace are almost inevitable. But your employees’ awareness of safety rules determines how regularly accidents occur.

Alsco’s safety mats gently remind employees of your company’s most important safety rules throughout their working day – helping to keep your workplace safer and more secure.

Alsco can help. Our Message mats reinforce your company’s most important messages and policies.

Colourful, striking artwork ensure these mats are impossible to miss. And with a wide variety of mat variations, keep your safety notices as fresh as possible.

We can even design custom messages so your staff are reminded only of the most important, relevant safety information.

  • Clearly remind staff of workplace policies
  • Can be custom-designed to suit your needs
  • Are rotated to keep safety messages fresh
  • Help prevent accidents directly (high-grip surface)

Choose from several designs or customise, just ask!





Keeps your workplace safer

Designed with bright, eye-catching artwork, these mats are impossible to miss. They’ll be a constant reminder to employees of important safety messages. Place them in key, strategic locations – corridors and working areas – and ensure your workplace is kept a little more aware and safer – simultaneously.

Long-lasting safety messages

Our Safety mats are built to last. Made from high-quality fabric and non-flip rubber, they’ll be with your business for years to come. Not only that, with Alsco’s managed rental service, we’ll clean, replace and cycle your safety mats – ensuring your safety messages are as fresh as the mats they’re printed on.

Customise your designs

Not happy with our range of safety mat designs? With ChromaJet printing technology, we’re capable of designing and printing any custom imagery that your business needs in vivid, eye-catching colour and clarity. We’ll even help you design custom artwork – at no added cost.

Combinations to suit your workspace floors

Choose from 3ft x 5ft or 4ft x 6ft

Why Alsco’s Managed Service is Best for your Business…

  • Simple – With one fixed fee, Alsco will pickup your mats and replace with fresh, clean, sanitised ones on a regular basis – leaving you to focus on what truly matters – your business
  • Savings – Reduce wear and tear on carpeting and flooring – and prevent slippage and fatigue, giving you complete peace-of-mind
  • Bespoke – Need custom messages or corporate branding? Have an unusually high footfall volume? We’ll happily tailor our service to your needs – and will not charge you for the effort
  • Cost-effective – Benefit from limitless cleaning and supply – no matter your business’s demands

To get started, simply telephone our friendly customer service representatives on 03 5191 7766 or complete the online enquiry form.