Restaurant & Catering

A clean, hygienic workplace is vital where food preparation is involved. Our products include chef wear, aprons, catering garments, safety & message floor mats, anti-fatigue and wet area mats.

Provide your staff with the high-quality and regularly washed garments from head to toe. Well-chosen floor mats can make all the difference at your workplace by improving safety, hygiene and even staff comfort.


An important part of creating the right image for your restaurant customers, is having smart, professional looking staff to look after for them. This is a reflection of the care you take in your food preparation and service.

The Alsco range of cutting edge and generic brand uniforms offer safety features to protect your staff and ensure they look and feel professional while meeting food industry hygiene standards.


Good presentation is a vital part of any restaurant and catering business. So you may want to consider the difference a personalised or message mat could make to welcoming your customers and enhancing the branding of your restaurant.

That’s not to mention the protection our mats can offer your high traffic entrance area against floor wear and tear and build up of dust and dirt.