Food Processing

Food preparation demands good hygiene. Alsco offers Malaysian Food Processing companies hyper-clean industrial garments, food industry garments, safety mats and more.

There is no room for mistakes when it comes to hygiene at food preparation facilities. Flawlessly clean uniforms for the staff and regularly washed floor mats that protect them from direct contact with the germs, dust and dirt are a necessity.

Hassle-free service that rents and maintains these items for your business is a precious commodity.


The most important element of a uniform in the food processing industry, is hygiene. Alsco offers exceptional hygiene levels, whilst portraying the right image for your business with smart, professional looking attire.

Alsco garments offer safety features to protect your staff and ensure they meet food processing standards. Trust Alsco to deliver your company a clean, professional and hygienic image.


It’s a given that workplace environments in the food processing industry must be kept as clean and tidy as possible. The Alsco Mat Service which helps protect your floors from dirt and premature wear plus reduces the risks that come with slippery surfaces.

Our mats offer your high traffic entrance areas protection against a build up of dust and dirt and are beneficial for staff where they are required to stand for long periods.