Alsco as a Globally Competitive Rental Service Company

A happy working Alsco female staff

Alsco Malaysia started around six years ago with the acquisition of a local mat rental business “ K- services”.

Whilst merging the “K-services” business into the Alsco model was a task, we maintained excellent service levels to all customers in the mat business and slowly but steadily expanded into the Fully Managed Garment rental services.

Being the first in Malaysia to offer the Fully Managed Garment rental service is exciting. More local and multi-national companies all over Malaysia are now starting to enjoy the benefits of Alsco services and the peace of mind that comes when partnering to a globally competitive organisation.

Alsco that has decades of experience and expertise in delivering hygienically clean fit for purpose uniforms on time – every time.

Over the years we have built new processing facilities with state of the art laundry equipment, incoming and outgoing wastewater treatment plants.

Alsco is currently the only laundry in Malaysia using advanced types of equipment, and the latest in UHF Multi-Read RFID technology. This technology enables Alsco to support our customers in achieving traceability, usage data, accountability and peace of mind in using Alsco’s fully managed garment rental system.

Alsco personnel working at the factory

Today Alsco Malaysia has transformed from those small beginnings into a fully-fledged Managed Garment processing facility in which our customers in a wide variety of food-related industries can take pride and assurance of hygienically clean, fit for purpose workwear that is available for their staff at the start of each shift, backed up by a reliable and timely delivery service every time.

Alsco Malaysia is experiencing exciting growth opportunities and has the ability to expand the business to accommodate a doubling of capacity in its current location at relatively short notice.

Photo courtesy from Flickr Image by USDA

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